Friday, April 16, 2010

Hit er Hard Doodle!!!

In the early 70's our grandpa drove a tractor trailer, hauling travel trailers, well the special trailer that he pulled to carry RV's had a long tongue (big steel beam) on the front to pull the front trailer up as close to cab as you can get. well the truck he had had a rear window in it and my older brother who was about 13 at the time was attempting to hook the truck to the trailer, well his first try didn't go very well,So grandpa told my brother to pull to the end of driveway and as he was backing up he yelled "hit er hard doodle" (doodle was his nickname for my brother) well he did as he wast told,the pin missed the 5th wheel and the beam went right through the rear window right next to my brothers head. that was 40 years ago and we still laugh about like it just happened.

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