Monday, April 19, 2010

That's using your head

Ok I have been known for having a sick sense of humor, That being said I was working with a friend of mine bulling a engine out of a sport fishing boat, we were pull the the port engine out first, after the hoisted the 3500 pound plus out the boat weight of the starboard engine, the boat listed, and when the that happened th deck fell and hit my buddy in the head Ok I know this is not good up front busting his head having staples in his head, but on the lighter side (which is my side ) that dag gum 100 pound Hatch had to bounce 6 inches or more off his head LOL I told you I had a sick sense of humor, but we can sit an laugh about it now. And for the record he he would hav done the same to me once we know were fine it's not funny someone getting hurt.

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