Thursday, April 15, 2010

William Tell (jr)

My older brother and I were out playing with are home made bow and arrows and my brother said he could shoot his over the house,course I wanted to see this so I dared him. So up the the arrow goes over the roof and then you here blood curdling screams from are sister, first thing we thought we were gonna get beat by are mom.( even though I had nothing to do with it I was sure to get it too just for being on that side of the house or even on the property for that matter)
we ran around the house as fast as we could there was our sister with the arrow stuck in her forearm, oh man we started to panic, but my brother went straight for my sisters weak spot "money" he offered her the 50 cent piece not to tell, this old man that my dad knew used to give all of us kids when he came around, You know she never told til we were all adults and not living at home anymore which was still risky.

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