Monday, April 12, 2010

The Human Match

Ok, some may not think this is funny,and my brother didn't think it was either at the time, but from my view it was hysterical. So one morning my brother comes and picks me up so I can drive an extra car back, we were picking a a couple of cars that have been sitting in a field for a while, so it took a little to get them started, my brother can fix anything that rolls,floats or fly's and everything in between.That being said he was under the hood spraying starting fluid down the carb, While I was cranking it over (side note my brother has bushy dry hair) well the engine backfired and a flame came out of the carb and caught my brother's hair on fire ,he looked like a life size Blue tip match. he didn't think it was funny but I thought it was hilarious I fell out of the car laughing so hard, Now his hair went out right away and he wasn't hurt he just stunk like well burnt hair, he can laugh about it now

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